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Spider Homes are the Home Builders & Sellers which means you can save THOUSANDS buying one of our Homes. Extra Realtor Commission Fees are added ON top of a New Home build when going through a Realtor that you would not have with us. We have priced our homes according to the Markets they are in and are fairly priced considering all of the Extra Perks and "Secret Amenities" that you get with buying from Spider Homes.

Home Builders & Sellers

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If you are in the Military, Spider Homes will PROUDLY pay a portion of your Closing Costs for your service to our Country. Contact us and we will text, email, Skype, etc. all pictures and info to help you purchase a home before you are Stationed here in San Angelo, Texas at Goodfellow Air Force Base.

Save Thousands with a Builder


Whether you are going with a Conventional Loan, FHA, or a VA Loan;  Spider Homes works with all Lenders for a smooth process into Surety Title Company and then into your New Home.  If you do not already have a Lender helping you in your Loan Process, you can contact Tessa Easley with Sonora Bank Mortgage who can handle all of your financing needs.  Contact her today to get Pre-Approved for one of our Homes at     325-716-1744.

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For our Community


Military Closing Costs


Our Families Served Our Country


Spider Homes Donates to our Local Community to 

Habitat for Humanity

and ALL of our Contractors on our Jobsites